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 Some of our cPanel Features include:

 NOTE: Some features may have changed since this page was built: we may have added or deleted features. Some may only be available with our Premium Package.

Email Features   

  • Manage Email Accounts   
  • POP3 Email accounts  
  • SMTP Outgoing mail server   
  • Default Email setup   
  • Custom mail filtering   
  • Spam & Virus Filtering  
  • Email Hacker safe feature  
  • Web Mail   
  • Email User Filters  

Database Management  

  • Manage MySQL Databases ( New MySQL Wizard )   
  • phpMyAdmin Access   
  • Add Access Hosts  

Site tools 

  • Hot Link Protect (htaccess editor)  
  • Addon Domains  
  • Password protect page   
  • Custom Error Pages (404) e.t.c  
  • Redirects  
  • Index Manager  
  • Ability to Edit Mime Types  
  • Ability to Edit Apache Handler  
  • Search Engine Submit Tool  
  • File Manager (online FTP ) NEW IMPROVED

Sub Domains 

  • Add/Remove Subdomain's   
  • Subdomain Redirects   
  • Stats for Subdomain's  
  • Setup Email accounts for sub domains   

Advanced tools

  • Manage GPG Keys  
  • Cron Jobs  

Getting Started Wizard    

  • Integrated Help    
  • Web Disk Access     
  • cPanel Plugins    

PHP Configuration Editor   

  • Perl, PHP, and Ruby Module Installer  
  • Better OS Integration