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Hosting Terms Defined: What You Always Wanted to Ask!

What is "Hosting"? For many people it is a mysterious term that has something to do with computers and the Internet. Hosting is a term used to describe an Internet related service: providing computer space and Internet Tools for web site or web-based data base customers. Most business people don't even think it, but it is something we put at a high priority at Wheat Communications and Business First Hosting.

Dedicated Server vs. Reseller
Many companies that have 20/mo. fees or less are resellers that purchase part of another server and them jam it full of web sites and databases. Our premium servers are NOT resold parts, but dedicated, physical, "bare-metal" servers. But we do also have VPS and economy hosting available. AND - we monitor them each day with special alerting programs.

Volume vs. Customer Service
Many hosting companies set their fees low so that they can attract a large volume of clients. Customer service falls short in most volume-driven situations, as the company simply cannot afford to help clients with details and problems. Customer Service drives our hosting. We see our job as providing our clients with useful tools to help them with their business. E-mail is a big part of customer service.  If e-mail isn't working properly, or the password is lost, or you need to add or delete an e-mail address…you need the tools to do so right at your fingertips. That is our job – provide YOU with the tools and CONTROL you need to properly run this portion of your business.

Server Farm vs. Closet Care
Some servers are located in a company's closet. While conditions may be OK for proper functioning of the server computer, we have chosen to use a Data Center or "Server Farm." A server farm is basically a company who is dedicated to taking care of hosting servers. They must maintain proper surveillance, security, backup, power, and air conditions. For example: air condition factors such as humidity, heat, or dust can play a vital role in how the server functions. And automatic backup generators with THOUSANDS of gallons of fuel prevent interruption in the event of power failure.

This term refers to the level of technical support and technical staffing of our server in its server farm. There is always staff there to monitor the server.

Redundant Back Up
Not just one back up line, but multiple layers with multiple hard drives with several daily, weekly, and monthly backups.

High Speed Connectivity
Not T1, nor cable, nor DSL – but lines called "OC" lines. These lines are heavy fiber optic lines. They measure transfer of data in HUNDREDS OF GIGABYTES per SECOND! They are awesome in their speed. Our server has high connectivity with the main Internet service providers. Why? So whoever is going to your site gets there fast on our end. We can't speak for how your viewer is connected – but we can do all that we can to make sure that YOUR web site & data gets to them as quickly as possible.

Monitoring Server Functions
It's important to have technical staff monitoring the servers all the time. Our server has technical staff there at all times…and their job is to make sure WE are happy with their service to us.  And hear us on this – they listen when we ask for help or service!

Backbones of the Internet
OK, you say – now this writer has really lost their marbles!  Who ever heard of such a term! Well, it is a term to describe "Central Hubs of Connectivity." In other words, the US has central hubs where the main ISP providers all connect together in a close location. What does this mean for us as business people? It means that there are more reliable connections – faster connections.

Linux and Redhat Servers
We don't mean to offend Windows lovers, but we prefer Linux. We consider our operating system to be more stable and secure.

Customer Interface Panel (cPanel)
No, it's not a mirror nor a home building project term! It is best described as a web site into which you, a customer, can go into and work with tools on your section of our server. Why? Simple – "quick" and "control."

Now you know the very best in "Geek-Speak"!